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Saturday, 6 April 2013

About DPA

About DPA

Development and Public Awareness (DPA) is independent and non-profit organization and works in the area of Governance, Peace-building and raising Public Awareness. 

DPA’s vision is to become a leading and trustworthy organization staffed with capable human resources that have proven experiences in enhancing participation and public empowerment, peace-building and public awareness, working to build a socially and politically aware nation served by transparent and accountable institutions operating in a conflict-free environment conducive to well-balanced social and economical development.

The core missions of the organization is to enhance the level of awareness and boost social development by application of the best practices and effective approaches for developing a participative, accountable, transparent, effective and efficient governance system by ensuring the participation of different stakeholders and social segments in development, service delivery and decision-making process.


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Friday, 15 March 2013

دیتابیس اسناد حل منازعات سازمان ملل بایگانی شد.درین جا شما می توانید معلومات در موضوع اعمار صلح در هر کشوری را بدست آورید...


The database is a reference tool providing peacemaking professionals with over 750 documents that can be understood broadly as peace agreements and related material. Users can access the full texts of the agreements in different languages and can use different search criteria, including searching by a number of different thematic issues.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Step towards Empowering Women of Afghanistan

A Step towards Empowering Women of Afghanistan

DPA launched “Raising Awareness about Women's Social, Political, and Economic Rights in Afghanistan" project on 01 May, 2012. To date, DPA has completed the first milestone of the project. The project is funded by United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF). The duration of the project is 2 years (May, 2012 to April, 2014) and it covers women in 15 provinces of Afghanistan.

The goal of this project is to promote democratic rights and participation of Afghan women by generating increased awareness among women. The objectives include: 1) To empower women’s rights activists to advocate for women’s rights, 2) To encourage women to advocate for their rights via the establishment of networks, and 3) To engage religious scholars and community leaders and clerics in TV and radio roundtable discussions on women’s’ rights.

The activities undertaken during the project period will include: 1) TV and Radio roundtables on the importance of women rights protection, 2) Women rights speeches during Friday prayer gatherings about women’s rights, 3) Publishing Booklets containing information about women rights under Islam, international treaties and Afghan laws, and 4)Training workshops on women’s political, economical and civil/social rights.

The implementation strategy includes: capacity building, networking, raising awareness through publications and utilizing traditional networks like mosques as well as media (national and local).

With financial support of UNDEF, DPA is implementing the project in close collaboration with its partners and networks. 

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